Making Memories Last: Using DVD Ripping Software to Edit and Maintain Home Movies

vhs home movies

In the early 2000’s we were given the much appreciated opportunity to preserve our VHS Home Movies on DVD. Through the use of special VHS-DVD players we could transfer precious memories into a more reliable format that would last longer than ever before.

However, we were still faced with a few limitations—the devices made editing difficult and caused a lot of wasted time fast-forwarding to the wanted parts. In recent years, though, new technology has made it possible to edit our videos into an easily assessable and enjoyable format.

By using programs like Movie Maker we are able to turn amateur movies into well edited movies with titles, transitions, special effects, and credits. In order to accomplish this, you can utilize the following information to create unique and fun memories to enjoy for years to come.

vhs to dvdGetting DVD Files onto Your Computer

The first step is to place your DVD into the computer to copy the files and open them in Movie Maker. After doing this you will most likely encounter one of two problems—the files will either not work at all or the audio will work but the visual will not. This is because the DVD-Rs used to copy the VHSs became copyrighted once the DVD was finalized. In order to fix this to access your files you need a DVD ripper/converter program. You have the option of purchasing such a program for anywhere from fifty dollars to over one hundred dollars, or you can utilize one of many free programs available for downloading.

Using the Free Make Converter

One easily used program is the Free Make Converter, a totally free software program that makes it simple for you to convert your files to be used in Movie Maker. After downloading the program you simply open your files in the Free Make Converter. Next, you select the “convert” tab and chose to convert into a “WMV” file…this is the file type that allows the movies to be opened in Movie Maker and similar programs. The process can take a long time and varies by the length of the video. Once successfully converted, you are then able to open the files in Movie Maker. Then you are free to edit your videos into unique movie projects that can then be saved and then copied onto DVDs or uploaded to Facebook, YouTube and other video sharing websites.…