Effects of Technology on Modern Medicine

We already know that technology has an impact on nearly every aspect of the modern world. Advances in technology change the way things work, whether it be travelling or healthcare. Of course, this is most apparent in the medical world, as there are technological advances happening all the time. Some of the effects that technology has had on the medical field are as follows:

modern medicineTechnology has impacted organization

One of the most evident effects that technology has had on the medical world is the way things are organized. Instead of being filed away in a filing cabinet with handwritten reports, patient files are now kept on computers. The files are kept on a central database so that they can be looked up from anywhere within the hospital as well as be available for other physicians who may be treating you for some reason. This form of organization saves lots of time, especially for tasks such as sending over x-rays for a patient. The old process could take up to a week to complete. However, with these technological advances, it can be completed within an hour. Though the technology can be quite confusing for some of the older physicians, it offers much quicker access to information.

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Diagnosis without Invasive Procedures

As advances are made in technology, more and more ways are being discovered that can diagnose a patient without having to cut him/her open. X-rays and radioactive dyes allow for physicians to see inside of a patient’s body without ever making an incision. Additionally, biopsies of tissues and other methods can be used to get small samples with very minimal pain. Finally, it is possible to perform less invasive surgeries by using cameras inserted into much smaller incisions in the patient’s body.

New Problems Discovered

Modern technology has also brought about lots of new problems and woes to the modern world. Now, due to the widespread medical knowledge- as a result of technology- the everyday aches and pains of life are being considered symptoms of more serious diseases. Additionally, technology such as IT Services has become somewhat of a crutch for the medical world, because more people are being convinced to solve all of their problems through pharmacology instead of through more natural or traditional methods. Finally, for every disease that is cured, another one is discovered through technological advances. In some cases, these advances actually cause these new diseases.