Choosing the Right Kindle

which kindleThe online retailor, Amazon, offers consumers several e-readers and tablets (notably known as Kindle devices) to choose from. With such a great selection, it can be challenging to decide on the right Kindle product. Reading addicts will not need the same Kindle product as the movie loving enthusiast, just like the app seeking game lover will seek a different device then the midnight bookworm. Right below you will discover details of each kindle device and the users each one is suitable for.


The original Kindle is intended for reading only and allows users to store over 1,000 books on the 6 inch e-reader. For less than $70 you have the convenience of owning a small library on a device that can be stored in a small bag or purse. The Kindle is specifically designed with a screen that looks like real paper, so there is no glare. The only downside is that, just like a regular book, you will need access to a light source in order to see what is on the screen. The original is perfect if all you are looking for is a reading device.

Kindle Paperwhite

This upgraded model gives the reader the added feature of a backlight, so the midnight bookworm and plane commuter can easily read in the dark or semi-darkness. The newer models also has a screen that appears like real paper; so not only can you read no matter how light it is, but you will have the satisfaction of not having your eyes become strained.

Kindle Fire

For those who read some, but prefer to watch movies, serve the web, and play games, then Amazon has a perfect solution for you—its own tablet: The Kindle Fire. This tablet allow up to ten hours of viewing and a storage capacity of 8 or 16GPB. Users can also upgrade to various HD models, which provide extra storage, more viewing time, and a clearer picture. Each of Amazon’s tablets is like a mini computer and allows access to Facebook, Netflix, and other internet websites. The Kindle Fire and its upgrades are great for those seeking a tablet.

Which Will You Choose?

Each Kindle device serves a different purpose based on the frequency of the buyers’ reading, movie watching, and internet habits. The Kindles will provide excellent service for any reading, streaming, or online serving users need to do.…