Reasons Why Small Businesses Should The Best Hire Managed IT Services Provider

In today’s highly competitive business environment, there is a need to remain ahead of the competition. One way small businesses can remain ahead of their competitors is by contracting the best IT firm to offer managed IT services Winnipeg. Managed IT services providers address a number of issues that affect the productivity and profitability of the modern businesses ranging from complexity to cost, risk and service quality. Some of the benefits businesses enjoy by investing in managed IT services Winnipeg include:

small businessCapital Expense Reduction: One of the biggest challenges faced by small and medium business is inadequate capital. By outsourcing IT services, the small and medium businesses are able to free the much-needed capital for the critical business operations.

Cost Reduction: When the service is outsourced, businesses no longer have to worry about investing in the latest technologies or hiring IT staff and thus, reduce the cost needed to run the business. Managed IT services providers benefit from the economies of scale as technical staff and technologies are shared across multiple customers.

Increased efficiency: Managed IT firms have standards that they must adhere when delivering their services. Furthermore, they are also in competition with other IT services providers and thus, they must keep providing better services to attract clients. Their need to improve their services translates to your business enjoying better services, automation, and standardization resulting in tighter IT controls and higher efficiency.

Improved business resiliency, security, and compliance: Security is an important aspect of every business especially in the modern environment that has experienced increased hacking. Hacking will not only compromise the data of the business but will also affect the long term reputation of the business. The escalating threats and complex IT infrastructures make it difficult to maintain an in-house team due to the frequent training and updates required to eliminate risks.

Flexibility and scalability: Most small and medium businesses usually start with only the services they need and scale as the business grows and improves. For a business that runs an in-house team, scaling is a big challenge but for businesses that outsource their IT function, scaling the size, scope and services is easy and flexible. In fact, outsourcing the IT functions allow businesses to run campaigns and promotions that would have been initially difficult effectively.


In order for a business to fully enjoy the benefits of managed IT services, it is necessary to choose an experienced provider. The provider must be able to demonstrate skills beyond the basic maintenance and operation skills. The provider should also have a good understanding of the latest technologies and trends.

Tips to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal

wifiSomething you may not be aware of is that Wi-Fi is just radio waves. There are lots of things that can interfere with the signal. However, a strong signal can offer you faster performance and better distance. Therefore, it is very important that you properly position and configure your router in order to get an optimal signal strength.

Point Antenna Up

Most routers have an antenna that is adjustable. The antenna will be pointed horizontally when it comes out of the box because this is how they could get it to fit in the box. In order to get an optimal Wi-Fi signal, you will want to position the antenna straight up. If there are two antennas on your router, you’re not going to get better performance if you point them in two different directions- point both of them straight up.

Position Router Properly

Think about the best place to put your router. If your home or office is large, you will want to place the router as close to the center as possible in order to maximize the coverage area. If you put it at one end of the building, you’re going to have a poor signal at the other end of the building- at best. However, you should keep in mind that if you already have your router placed at one end and the signal is fine at the other end, it’s not necessary to move it.

Also, you should know that in order to maximize your coverage area, you should place the router high up. If possible, place it up on a high shelf. The worst place to put it is close to or on the floor. The router should never be placed on or even near metal objects such as filing cabinets or metal shelves, as these can actually block the signal. Also, metal or stone walls will block Wi-Fi signals, but wood and plaster walls should not cause any interference at all.

Consider Other Sources of Interference

If you really think about it, you may be able to uncover some other sources of interference. Some other things that may interfere with your signal include:

  • Microwave ovens
  • 4 GHz baby monitor
  • 4 GHz cordless phone

If this is the case, you move your computer or router out of line with these items. If the interference is due to a cordless phone, you should consider purchasing a 5.8 GHz phone because these work on a different frequency band than Wi-Fi and won’t cause interference.

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Reasons to Incorporate Technology into the Classroom

technology in the classroomTechnology is a major part of life, so why wouldn’t you incorporate it into the classroom? Some school systems just simply don’t understand this concept. In some cases, the problem has to do with funding- after all, technology is very expensive, especially the initial setup. Another problem is the fact that teachers don’t always necessarily understand technology, so they can’t really teach the kids how to use it.

However, despite the above reasons, more and more children are able to become plugged into technology in the classrooms and the positive effects are clear. Following are five reasons that technology works in the classroom.


It’s no secret that kids like new things. Therefore, one of the best ways to teach kids in the classroom is by teaching them with the newest gadget available. About half of your classroom time is spent trying to make sure that the students hear and understand what you’re teaching them and proving that they know how to apply it. Using the latest technology will help the students relate their learning in immediate and observable ways.


As mentioned, technology is a big part of life and is necessary in the workplace. One of the foundations of nearly all of the higher-paying careers is the ability to successfully use a computer. The best way to ensure that they’ll be able to is to start now, while they’re in school. It’s true that they’ll definitely pick up a few things on their own, but most companies don’t hire someone because they’re good at video games. You will want to make sure to teach them to use the programs that future employers will have them use.


If you teach them now, you’re not going to have to nearly as much time in the future teaching them. Instead of simply explaining history, you can bring it to life and encourage them to discover it for themselves when you incorporate technology into the classroom. Instead of simply dumping information for testing purposes onto them, you can teach them to use technology to learn more and it’s more likely to stick a little better.


It has been proven that every child has a different style and level of learning. Some of them do well with lectures, some must see it, and still others must participate in order to learn. You can combine these learning styles with technology into a great teaching package. You can have lively presentations, sound effects, and even active learning practices.


Perhaps your classroom is a diverse one, with lots of different learners. You may have disabled children, ESL students, and more. Technology offers the potential for nearly every concern and helps these kids to learn how to survive in a technology-filled world.

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Effects of Technology on Modern Medicine

We already know that technology has an impact on nearly every aspect of the modern world. Advances in technology change the way things work, whether it be travelling or healthcare. Of course, this is most apparent in the medical world, as there are technological advances happening all the time. Some of the effects that technology has had on the medical field are as follows:

modern medicineTechnology has impacted organization

One of the most evident effects that technology has had on the medical world is the way things are organized. Instead of being filed away in a filing cabinet with handwritten reports, patient files are now kept on computers. The files are kept on a central database so that they can be looked up from anywhere within the hospital as well as be available for other physicians who may be treating you for some reason. This form of organization saves lots of time, especially for tasks such as sending over x-rays for a patient. The old process could take up to a week to complete. However, with these technological advances, it can be completed within an hour. Though the technology can be quite confusing for some of the older physicians, it offers much quicker access to information.

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Diagnosis without Invasive Procedures

As advances are made in technology, more and more ways are being discovered that can diagnose a patient without having to cut him/her open. X-rays and radioactive dyes allow for physicians to see inside of a patient’s body without ever making an incision. Additionally, biopsies of tissues and other methods can be used to get small samples with very minimal pain. Finally, it is possible to perform less invasive surgeries by using cameras inserted into much smaller incisions in the patient’s body.

New Problems Discovered

Modern technology has also brought about lots of new problems and woes to the modern world. Now, due to the widespread medical knowledge- as a result of technology- the everyday aches and pains of life are being considered symptoms of more serious diseases. Additionally, technology such as IT Services has become somewhat of a crutch for the medical world, because more people are being convinced to solve all of their problems through pharmacology instead of through more natural or traditional methods. Finally, for every disease that is cured, another one is discovered through technological advances. In some cases, these advances actually cause these new diseases.

Making Memories Last: Using DVD Ripping Software to Edit and Maintain Home Movies

vhs home movies

In the early 2000’s we were given the much appreciated opportunity to preserve our VHS Home Movies on DVD. Through the use of special VHS-DVD players we could transfer precious memories into a more reliable format that would last longer than ever before.

However, we were still faced with a few limitations—the devices made editing difficult and caused a lot of wasted time fast-forwarding to the wanted parts. In recent years, though, new technology has made it possible to edit our videos into an easily assessable and enjoyable format.

By using programs like Movie Maker we are able to turn amateur movies into well edited movies with titles, transitions, special effects, and credits. In order to accomplish this, you can utilize the following information to create unique and fun memories to enjoy for years to come.

vhs to dvdGetting DVD Files onto Your Computer

The first step is to place your DVD into the computer to copy the files and open them in Movie Maker. After doing this you will most likely encounter one of two problems—the files will either not work at all or the audio will work but the visual will not. This is because the DVD-Rs used to copy the VHSs became copyrighted once the DVD was finalized. In order to fix this to access your files you need a DVD ripper/converter program. You have the option of purchasing such a program for anywhere from fifty dollars to over one hundred dollars, or you can utilize one of many free programs available for downloading.

Using the Free Make Converter

One easily used program is the Free Make Converter, a totally free software program that makes it simple for you to convert your files to be used in Movie Maker. After downloading the program you simply open your files in the Free Make Converter. Next, you select the “convert” tab and chose to convert into a “WMV” file…this is the file type that allows the movies to be opened in Movie Maker and similar programs. The process can take a long time and varies by the length of the video. Once successfully converted, you are then able to open the files in Movie Maker. Then you are free to edit your videos into unique movie projects that can then be saved and then copied onto DVDs or uploaded to Facebook, YouTube and other video sharing websites.…

Choosing the Right Kindle

which kindleThe online retailor, Amazon, offers consumers several e-readers and tablets (notably known as Kindle devices) to choose from. With such a great selection, it can be challenging to decide on the right Kindle product. Reading addicts will not need the same Kindle product as the movie loving enthusiast, just like the app seeking game lover will seek a different device then the midnight bookworm. Right below you will discover details of each kindle device and the users each one is suitable for.


The original Kindle is intended for reading only and allows users to store over 1,000 books on the 6 inch e-reader. For less than $70 you have the convenience of owning a small library on a device that can be stored in a small bag or purse. The Kindle is specifically designed with a screen that looks like real paper, so there is no glare. The only downside is that, just like a regular book, you will need access to a light source in order to see what is on the screen. The original is perfect if all you are looking for is a reading device.

Kindle Paperwhite

This upgraded model gives the reader the added feature of a backlight, so the midnight bookworm and plane commuter can easily read in the dark or semi-darkness. The newer models also has a screen that appears like real paper; so not only can you read no matter how light it is, but you will have the satisfaction of not having your eyes become strained.

Kindle Fire

For those who read some, but prefer to watch movies, serve the web, and play games, then Amazon has a perfect solution for you—its own tablet: The Kindle Fire. This tablet allow up to ten hours of viewing and a storage capacity of 8 or 16GPB. Users can also upgrade to various HD models, which provide extra storage, more viewing time, and a clearer picture. Each of Amazon’s tablets is like a mini computer and allows access to Facebook, Netflix, and other internet websites. The Kindle Fire and its upgrades are great for those seeking a tablet.

Which Will You Choose?

Each Kindle device serves a different purpose based on the frequency of the buyers’ reading, movie watching, and internet habits. The Kindles will provide excellent service for any reading, streaming, or online serving users need to do.…

Negative Effects of Medical Technology

Medical technology describes the wide variety of tools available to diagnose, treat, or manage health. This includes equipment, surgical/medical procedures, electronic records, and even medical related software. Many of these technological advances in medicine have actually resulted in an improved quality of life and also helped to lengthen life. However, despite all of the positives, there are still a few negatives for patients that are caused by medical technology. However, knowing these risks can help you to become more knowledgeable in your own health and well-being.

medical technologyMinimized/Impersonal Health Care

Of course, while technology is beneficial, it is only as good as the person who has programmed it and the medical professional that is using it. In some cases, health care providers lean too heavily on this technology and don’t spend enough time getting to know their patients as individuals. Instead, they spend their time interacting with the equipment. Because of this, they could end up missing a symptom that may not necessarily fall into the “black and white” areas of the electronic medical records. It may be an underlying symptom that could indicate that something else is wrong in addition to the primary diagnosis, or perhaps could indicate an entirely different diagnosis altogether.

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Negative Results

While it’s true that many technological advancements have been life-saving, many of them have risks for the patients. For example, things like radiation or chemotherapy can be very beneficial for cancer patients. However, it can also have some very negative effects. Of course this is true even of the simple medical procedures, such as aspirin when it’s inappropriately used. Still, when it comes to technology, you should always weigh the risk versus the rewards.

Increased Costs

Advances in medical technology can also lead to much higher patient costs due to the amount of research and the money needed for marketing to bring it to the public, as well as to profit the one who created and manufactured it. As technology moves forward, the cost typically goes up, especially due to the fact that it offers a solution that may not have been available previously. While it’s a blessing that these are available for conditions that may not have been treatable before, the technological advances will lead to additional and long-term costs.

electronic medical recordsInvasion of Privacy

With new technology, patient records are kept electronically through Electronic Medical Records, or EMR, stores. With EMR patient information is managed and shared both with the patient as well as with other health care professionals. The medical history that is shared can include results of testing, any medications you’re on, your billing information and so much more. While this is truly convenient, it also offers the possibility for misuse, which can result in a loss of personal data as well as privacy.

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